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  • Golf Bag Cufflinks

    The old adage is a bad day on the course is better than a good day at the office. Tough thing is that most of us can't spend all of our days on the course. For days that you wish you could get a good tee time, wear the Golf Bag Cufflinks and live vicariously through your cuffs.
  • Enamel Golf Ball Cufflinks

    For the ultimate golf enthusiast. White enamel golf ball cufflinks are a great accent to any color shirt and show off the golfer in you. Silver plated cufflinks with a bullet backing. Cufflinks By Cufflinks, Inc.
  • Golf Clubs Cufflinks

    Golfers like wearing accessories that refer to golf. Ever notice that? Add cufflinks to your arsenal, and don’t forget our other golf-related links.
  • White Golf Tee Cufflinks

    For the golf enthusiasts. Hit the golf club events wearing these classic white golf tee cufflinks.
  • Golf Club Tie Clip

    For the golf enthusiasts. Show your dedication to the game with the Golf Club Tie Clip. Perfect for the country club, the summer barbecue, or out on the course, this tie clip is sleek and polished and will hold your tie in place with style. Plated base metal with hinge back closure.
  • Red Golf Tee Cufflinks

    Friends, these are not to be used as weapons. Cufflinks are spiritual, not combative. In any case, wear these to golf or golf-related functions, or anywhere that people know you play golf.
  • Plated Golf Bag Cufflinks

    Simple, subtle golf bag cufflinks constructed of brushed nickel. Wonderful detailing and ideal for a golf lover. Show your love of the links in style.
  • Navy Golf Tee Cufflinks

    For the golf enthusiasts. Hit the golf club events wearing these navy tee golf cufflinks.
  • Green Golf Tee Cufflinks

    For the golf enthusiasts. Hit the golf club events wearing these green golf tee cufflinks.
  • Golf Ball Tie Bar

    Drive your look to the next level with the Golf Ball Tie Bar, featuring a white enamel golf ball on the end of a polished silver-tone plated base metal tie bar. Classic and versatile, the golf tiebar makes a great gift for the Dad who enjoys spending the day at a 17-hole golf course. When it comes to a golfer's style, no flubs are allowed.
  • Sterling Silver Swinging Golfer Cufflinks

    It may be a cliche to say you'd rather be golfing—so say it in a fresh way with these Jan Leslie cuff links. Intricate, hand-painted details and moving parts make them a perfect choice for any man who longs for the links.
  • Golf Clubs Lapel Pin

    Wear these to basketball and soccer games and make people think you’re really confused. Tell them that the father of Deconstructionism, Jacque Derrida, argued that the signifier doesn’t refer directly to the signified. They’ll leave you alone after that.

12 Item(s)