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  • Rosewood Stainless Steel Tie Bar

    MSRP $24.99
    Part of our rare woods collection, this beautiful sliding tie bar features a strip of rosewood mounted on a stainless steel setting. The natural red tones of this elegant wood are allowed to shine front and center, making it your new favorite accessory.
  • Gold Retro Boombox Cufflinks

    MSRP $43.99
    Go old school with these 3D boombox cufflinks. Plated in high polish gold tone for just the right amount of flashy, the Gold Retro Boombox Cufflinks are a bold statement that will take you back to the good ol' days. Gold plated base metal with bullet back closure.
  • Hockey Stick and Puck Cufflinks

    MSRP $58.99
    Sport the Hockey Stick and Puck Cufflinks for the power play of style. Score big with the carefully crafted puck and stick designs enameled to look like the real game used equipment. An ideal gift for the hockey enthusiast, player or fan. Plated base metal with bullet back closure.
  • Batman Glow-in-the-Dark Lapel Pin

    MSRP $12.99
    Make your own Bat Signal with this unique glow-in-the-dark lapel pin. During the day it appears as a black logo on a soft gray background, but by night it transforms into the ultimate beacon for Gotham City. Even Bruce Wayne has one, apparently. Officially licensed by DC Comics.
  • Superman Comic Squares Cufflinks

    MSRP $45.99
    Elevate your comic book game to the next level with these coordinating cufflinks. Each pair includes one Superman shield logo design and one image of the Man of Steel himself. Wear alone or with one of our coordinating neck ties or tie bars to complete your next formal look. Officially licensed by DC Comics.
  • Black Superman Enamel Cufflinks

    MSRP $45.99
    Go classic. Go old school. Go original. For Superman fans there is no purer logo than the classic red and yellow shield design, and now you can wear it proudly on your cuffs too. Filled with vibrant enamel and featuring a fixed logo backing, these cufflinks are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Officially licensed by DC Comics.
  • Mischievous Mickey Mouse Cufflinks

    MSRP $45.99
    What's on his mind? He'll never tell! Enjoy these fun cufflinks celebrating classic Mickey Mouse, complete with concealed mischievous grin and fixed round logo backing. Officially licensed by Disney.
  • Vintage Stars and Stripes Mickey Mouse Cufflinks

    MSRP $45.99
    There is nothing more American than apple pie, the Stars and Stripes, and Mickey Mouse. Celebrate patriotic Mickey with these delightful cufflinks, decorated in vintage style with the Stars and Stripes motif and fun cartoon eyes. Wear them to your next formal event, with or without served apple pie. Officially licensed by Disney.
  • Sterling Silver 3D BB-8 Cufflinks

    MSRP $250.00
  • Golden Snitch Boys' Zipper Tie

    MSRP $30.00
    If your young Harry Potter fan has ever dreamed of being a Quidditch seeker, then this will be his new favorite tie. Featuring a series of whizzing golden snitches set against a navy blue background, this 100% silk tie is best suited for children aged 3-6 and comes pre-tied with a zipper closure for easy dressing. Officially licensed by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  • Cleveland Browns Money Clip

    MSRP $19.99
    This money clip features the team logo of the Cleveland Browns in enamel on a silver tone plated money clip. Weighing in at about 27 grams with a sliding grip security closure to ensure a firm hold, our team money clips are certain to make a loyal companion for years to come. Each team money clip is presented in a branded NFL gift box. Officially licensed NFL money clip.
  • Football Bobblehead Cufflinks

    MSRP $127.99
  • Baseball Bobblehead Cufflinks

    MSRP $127.99
  • 3D Peanut Butter and Jelly Cufflinks

    MSRP $51.99
    Peanut butter jelly time! Fans of the iconic treat are now able to express their love in true fashion by donning the 3D Peanut Butter and Jelly Cufflinks. Featuring a slice of bread with peanut butter on one cufflink and jelly on the other, this yummy novelty accessory will remind one of simpler times.
  • I Love Tacos Cufflinks

    MSRP $43.99
    Wear your heart on your sleeve. Express your love for tacos with these delicious I Love Tacos Cufflinks. Featuring a crunchy taco in enamel on black plated base metal, these cufflinks will have you asking for seconds.
  • 3D Foam Finger Set Cufflinks

    MSRP $51.99
    What better way to show your enthusiasm than by sporting the 3D Foam Finger Set Cufflinks by Cufflinks, Inc. With one blue cufflink and one red cufflink modeled after the infamous foam finger, these will be sure to prove your fanhood at any event.
  • Poo Emoji Cufflinks

    MSRP $43.99
    As a symbol of pristine elegance for the tasteful gentleman, the Poo Emoji Cufflinks will unequivocally elevate your apparel profile the moment you put them on. Featuring a bright white smiling face against a brown silhouette of a pile of poo, these cufflinks are sure to draw the envy of any style enthusiast.
  • 3D Drone Cufflinks

    MSRP $51.99
    The pivotal accessory for any drone enthusiast are the 3D Drone Cufflinks by Cufflinks, Inc. With a black enamel body with 4 silver propellers, these are sure to take your fashion game to new heights.
  • 100% Emoji Cufflinks

    MSRP $43.99
    Keep it real and show your approval with 100% Emoji Cufflinks. Based on the popular 100 emoji sign, these cufflinks will be sure to add that extra oomph to get your style profile to 100. 
  • Tears of Joy Emoji Cufflinks

    MSRP $43.99
    Tears of joy will literally stream down your face the first time you put these on. Okay, maybe not, but they are still pretty cool. Based on the popular emoji, these cufflinks represent those moments in life when we just can't help ourselves. A fun and unique additional to any wardrobe.
  • Stainless Steel Mother of Pearl Batman Cufflinks

    MSRP $94.99
    Holy Mother of Pearl, Batman! The Stainless Steel Mother of Pearl Batman Cufflinks by DC Comics are sure to excite fashion enthusiasts and superheroes alike. The inlaid Mother of Pearl rests beneath a black plated stainless steel Batman logo, with a dashing black and white contrast that is sure to pop off your cuff. Cufflinks have a round swivel closure backing and are officially licensed by DC Comics.
  • 3D Superman Cape Cufflinks

    MSRP $94.99
    Every superhero needs a cape, and now you can have one with the 3D Superman Cape Cufflinks. With gold plated base metal and a red transparent enamel Superman cape, these will be sure to show everyone how super your style really is.
  • Beauty and the Beast Stripe Blue Boys' Zipper Silk Tie

    MSRP $35.00
    This sophisticated 100% silk woven tie for boys is a tonal blue striped pattern with the Beast from Disney's animated classic film, Beauty and the Beast. Get Dad our Beauty and the Beast Navy Plaid Men's Tie for a father and son matching look that Mom will love.
  • Beauty and the Beast Dot Red Boys' Zipper Silk Tie

    MSRP $30.00
    A bright red spring or summer tie for little boys with a classic polka dot pattern incorporating Disney favorite, Beast, from Beauty and the Beast. Your little guy won't be cursed with anything but great style. He'll be happy to sport this 100% silk printed tie featuring one of his favorite Disney characters.
  • Beauty and the Beast Favorites Grey Boys' Zipper Silk Tie

    MSRP $30.00
    Your little guy will have no hesitation with putting on his Sunday best when he gets to wear his favorite characters from Beauty and the Beast on his tie. Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and more are tossed in a grey and blue pattern, making a versatile and fun, 100% silk tie that your son will love to wear.
  • Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Cufflinks

    MSRP $51.99
    In addition to Belle's yellow ball gown and the Beast's formal garb worn during the film's ballroom dance sequence, the Enchanted Rose is one of the most iconic images from Beauty and the Beast. A timeless classic, the Enchanted Rose Cufflinks are an elegant accent to your business or formal attire. Officially licensed by Disney.
  • 3D Classic Beast Head Cufflinks

    MSRP $107.99
    The 3D Beast Cufflinks are intricately crafted to capture the features of The Beast from Disney's animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. An antique finish accentuates the details of the face of the young prince, cursed to live as a monstrous beast unless he can find true love before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose. The round swivel backing features the iconic rose etched into the metal.
  • Beauty and the Beast Navy Plaid Men's Tie

    MSRP $32.99
    The Beauty and the Beast Navy Plaid Men's Tie incorporates Disney's classic animated character of the Beast into a sophisticated tonal blue plaid pattern. Made of 100% woven silk and a hint of Disney magic, the subtle inclusion of the cursed Beast makes this a versatille tie for everyday wear.
  • Blue and Red Rose Men's Tie

    MSRP $43.99
    Fashionable and versatile, the Blue and Red Rose Men's Tie revives a classic icon from Beauty and the Beast, the enchanted rose. Inspired by the tale as old as time, this 100% silk woven tie incorporates the iconic red rose in a contemporary floral pattern on a blue, textured, basketweave ground. This tie is easy to dress up or dress down, and a subtle nod to a favorite Disney classic.
  • 3D Beast Head Cufflinks

    MSRP $107.99
    The live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, brings a classic Disney tale back to life. The 2017 film also reinterprets the Beast, and his details are captured with meticulous 3D design in these Beast Cufflinks. Silver plated base metal with an antique finish, the cufflink details extend to the backing, with a round swivel piece etched with the iconic enchanted rose.
  • Beast Silhouette Cufflinks

    MSRP $51.99
    The live action remake of Beauty and the Beast reveals a new adaptation of the Beast. In a medallion shaped cufflink with a sleek polished silver finish contrasted with a matte black backdrop, the silhouette of Dan Stevens' Beast makes for a stylish and modern cufflink. The fixed logo backing features the iconic enchanted rose etched into the metal.
  • Black and Gold Skull and Crossbones Cufflinks

    MSRP $51.99
  • Red Sparrow Cufflinks

    MSRP $51.99
  • Captain America Money Clip

    MSRP $31.99
    Enjoy the feel of this solid, heavy-weight money clip in your pocket, featuring the classic shield of Captain America. Each clip has a sliding grip security feature to keep your money safely in place, and comes with the Marvel logo stamped on the reverse. Officially licensed by Marvel.
  • Hulk Green Plaid Boys' Zipper Silk Tie

    MSRP $35.00
    Every little Hulk fan should be able to wear their favorite character front and center, and this 100% silk boys tie is the perfect way to do it. Featuring the Hulk's image on a green and blue plaid background, our easy-on zipper closure tie makes it easier than ever for him to dress himself as a perfect little gentleman. Officially licensed by Marvel.
  • Hulk Ink Action Cufflinks

    MSRP $31.99
    When nothing but power and strength will do, these Hulk Action cufflinks are just the answer. Smooth metal and classic enamel-print highlight the original ink illustration, while the Marvel logo can be found stamped on the reverse of the fixed round backing. Officially licensed by Marvel.
  • Iron Man Arc Reactor Cufflinks

    MSRP $65.00
    Build your own power suit with these miniature Arc Reactor cufflinks. Beautifully showcased in gold and teal tones, each cufflink also comes with the Marvel logo stamped on the reverse of a fixed round backing. Officially licensed by Marvel.
  • Iron Man Ink Action Cufflinks

    MSRP $35.99
  • Spider-Man Red Boys' Silk Bow Tie

    MSRP $17.99
    If your little guy is a fan of Spider-Man, he will love dressing to the nines in this 100% silk bow tie made just for him. Fully adjustable and suitable for most boys aged 3-6, this fun red and black design will have him feeling invincible. Officially licensed by Marvel.
  • Spider-Man Ink Action Cufflinks

    MSRP $31.99
    If speed and agility is what you're after, these Spider-Man Action cufflinks are just the answer. Smooth metal and classic enamel-print highlight the original ink illustration, while the Marvel logo can be found stamped on the reverse of the fixed round backing. Officially licensed by Marvel.

Items 129 to 192 of 503 total