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  • Stainless Steel Gold Plated Block Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    You can personalize these stainless steel gold block cufflinks with whatever inscription you desire. Make these your own.
  • Gold Plated Stainless Steel Engravable Tie Bar

    MSRP $35.00
    A classic piece on it's own, the Stainless Steel Engravable Tie Bar with a polished gold plated finish offers a personalized tie bar with a luxurious feel. An essential to any stylish man's wardrobe, this gold tie bar can be engraved on the front or the back for a personal touch. Engrave initials, monogram, or a special phrase or date that will be a warm reminder every time he wears it.
  • Stainless Steel Square Infinity Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    Smooth, shiny finish Stainless Steel Square Infinity Cufflinks make the perfect platform for personalization. Cufflinks by Ox & Bull Trading Co.
  • Sterling Rectangular Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $150.00
    Rectangular cufflinks are the perfect gift. Get them personalized for an extra special touch. Made in .925 shiny sterling silver with a ridged border. Great for grads and groomsmen.
  • Stainless Steel Engravable Bar Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    Basic, sleek, and elegant are the best descriptors for the stainless engravable bar cufflinks. You simply can't go wrong with our simple, shiny finished, rectangular cufflinks.
  • Sterling Silver Classic Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $150.00
    Classic curved design engravable cufflinks. Truly a rich look and feel with a shiny finish. A larger face cufflink for more personal engraving.
  • Stainless Steel Engravable Classic Round Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    The round stainless steel engravable cufflinks feature a softened edge, as well as a fixed round backing that allows further personalization on the back. The Stainless Steel Engravable Classic Round Cufflinks are the newest update to our engraved cufflink collection, with a slighly softened look compared to our best-selling Infinity series.
  • Stainless Steel Engravable Etched Frame Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    So chic, personalize this pair with your initials and marvel at the beauty that is stainless steel.
  • Stainless Steel Rectangle Engravable Framed Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    Stunning stainless steel cufflink with black frame is perfect for engraving on those special occasions. But if you choose not to engrave they are still magnificent.
  • Round Titanium Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $75.00
    Simple brushed aircraft grade titanium cufflinks provide the perfect understated masculine platform for personalization. Titanium is 4x stronger than steel and half the weight. 100% hypoallergenic. Please note that due to the strength of this metal, the engraving may appear lighter or not as deep as expected. For a deep, noticeable etching, we recommend a softer metal such as sterling silver.
  • Short Stainless Steel Engravable Tie Bar

    MSRP $35.00
    Engrave this stainless steel tie bar with any message you’d like. Make it yours.
  • Stainless Steel Engravable Bolted Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    Engravable cufflinks for the tinkering man. Add names, dates or initials to finish off this personalized pair fit for any cuff. 
  • Two Tone Stainless Steel Oval Step Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $75.00
    Silver and gold come together to create the ultimate classic design. Personalize the Two Tone Oval Cufflinks with initials, names or dates to construct the perfect gift for any man. Cufflinks by Ox & Bull Trading Co.
  • Stainless Steel Soft Square Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    You can personalize these stainless steel square cufflinks with whatever inscription you desire. Make these your own.
  • 14K Gold Plated Rope Border Oval Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $75.00
    Make a statement with the 14K Gold Plated Rope Border Oval Engravable Cufflinks. Elegant on their own, and they also make a great gift for the man in your life with personalized options. Engrave a name, initials, the date of a wedding or anniversary, or a message of your specification.
  • Stainless Steel Lapis Mosaic Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $90.00
    These round engravable cufflinks feature an edging of beautiful blue lapis lazuli stone. Both the solid circle and swivel whale backing can hold the engraving design of your choice, making this the perfect personalized gift. Includes an individual gift box.
  • Sterling Silver Etched Frame Rectangle Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $150.00
    Add impeccable shine to your cuff with the Etched Rectangular Engravable Cufflinks. Etched rectangles are the perfect frame on a smooth, sterling silver surface. Personalize the cufflinks by engraving initials, dates or names. 
  • Stainless Steel Onyx Mosaic Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $90.00
    These new engravable cufflinks feature genuine onyx stone around the side of the cufflinks with a round stainless steel engravable surface. The semi-precious stone around the edge of the cufflinks adds an elevated touch to a personalized gift. With or without engraving, the Stainless Steel Onyx Mosaic Engravable Cufflinks make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for him for any occassion including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.
  • Stainless Steel Engravable Baseball Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    Made of stainless steel, these engravable cufflinks feature engraved stitch detailing around a polished surface that are the perfect base for engraving. Slide into home plate with exceptional style with the Stainless Steel Engravable Baseball Cufflinks. Customize the perfect personalized gift for your baseball fan with a name, initials, or a special date or number.
  • Sterling Silver Two Tone Rectangular Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $150.00
    Gorgeous, heavy, versatile sterling silver rectangular cufflinks accented with a vermeil (24 karat gold over sterling silver) stairstep border. Engrave the face to create a treasured keepsake. Please note that all engraving will be as entered. For monogram and circle monogram styles, the second letter will be enlarged and in the center.
  • Sterling Silver Infinity Edge Rectangle Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $150.00
    An understated and smooth (just like you) setting for your initials to be prominently displayed on your sleeve. There is no mistaking who these belong on: you. 
  • Stainless Steel Engravable Polished Tie Clip

    MSRP $35.00
    Our stainlesss steel engravable tie clip has been polished to a high shine, forming the perfect foundation for the engraving of your choice. The spring-loaded backing will keep your tie securely in place, and pairs beautifully with any of our engravable stainless steel cufflinks. Includes an individual gift box.
  • Stainless Steel Engravable Football Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    These football cufflinks with stitching details are classic and refined on their own, and feature an engravable surface to make the perfect personalized gift. Made of stainless steel with a shiny polished surface, there will be no fashion fumbles with the Stainless Steel Engravable Football Cufflinks. Engrave your football fan's initials, name, a special date, or even their favorite jersey number to these engravable cufflinks.
  • Stainless Steel Silver Block Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $55.00
    You can personalize these stainless steel silver block cufflinks with whatever inscription you desire. Make these your own.
  • Stainless Steel Mother of Pearl Mosaic Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $90.00
    Our newest stainless steel cufflinks take engraved cufflinks to the next level, featuring semi-precious stones around the side of the cufflinks. The round stainless steel surface makes the perfect platform for engraving, and the Mother of Pearl adds an elevated touch to a personalized gift. Engrave your wedding date for a special wedding day gift for the groom, or engrave the groomsmens' initials for a unique groomsmen gift. These personalized cufflinks make a beautiful and thoughtful gift for him for any occassion.
  • Stainless Steel Engravable Brushed Money Clip

    MSRP $49.00
    This stainless steel brushed money clip is engravable. Make it your own and personalize it with a special message.
  • Sterling Silver Engravable Locket Cufflinks

    MSRP $150.00
    A great way to keep your loved ones close. Sterling silver locket cuff links allow you to personalize the outside with our engraving service and keep 4 pictures of loved ones inside. Working locket cufflinks snap shut for when you are not looking at the pictures. Photos will need to be cropped to approximately 3/4" x 1/2".
  • Sterling Silver Rope Border Engravable Round Cufflinks

    MSRP $150.00
    The sterling silver cufflinks feature a smooth polished finish in the center to provide a platform for personalization, with 3D rope details around the border. Personalize these engravable cufflinks for any special occasion or just because. Need ideas? Engrave initials for your groomsmen, your wedding date for your husband-to-be, or monogrammed initials for dad for Father's Day.
  • Stainless Steel Round Infinity Engravable Tie Bar

    MSRP $35.00
    The best tie bar is one only you can own. Personalize this stainless steel tie bar with your own words.
  • Stainless Steel White Pave Crystal Engravable Cufflinks

    MSRP $90.00
    These personalized cufflinks have a round, polished surface and feature white Cubic Zirconia crystals around the edge that glisten with a dazzling effect. Add a little sparkle to your cuff with the Stainless Steel White Pave Crystal Engravable Cufflinks, and engrave a name, initials, special date, or a custom logo to add a personal touch.
  • Stainless Steel White Pave Crystal Engravable Tie Clip

    MSRP $49.00
    A classic and timeless choice, this stainless steel tie clip is the perfect finishing touch with Preciosa crystals in a pave setting placed at the end. Elevate your style with this engravable tie bar that has a subtle sparkle complementing a smooth polished surface that can be personalized. Engrave initials, a name, or a short special note to add a personal touch.
  • Sterling Silver Bull Cufflinks

    MSRP $220.00
    These 3-D Bull cufflinks will surely be a conversation starter and complement any contemporary or traditional outfit.
  • Bottle Opener Money Clip

    MSRP $40.00
    Be the life of the party with this stainless steel bottle opener money clip. Twice the practicality, twice the fun. Add a personalized touch with engraving. Inscribe a name, nickname, initials, a date, or a special place or phrase that will make this functional accessory all the more fun.
  • Stainless Steel Engravable Round Infinity Stick Pin

    MSRP $11.99
    Smooth, Shiny Finish Stainless Steel Engravable Round Infinity Stick Pin Makes The Perfect Platform For Personalization. A Crisp, Clean Look To A Timeless accessory. Please Note That All Engraving Will Be As Entered. For Monogram Styles, The Middle Letter Will Be Enlarged And In The Center. We Will Not Re-Order The Initials Input.
  • Sterling Jacket Required Cufflinks

    MSRP $59.99
    20% discount will be reflected on your invoice
  • Sterling At Sign Cufflinks

    MSRP $89.99
    Quite literally a sign of the times, the @ Symbol is ubiquitous with the media age thanks to email and Twitter. Constructed of .925 sterling silver, with an engravable backing, this set is ideal for any tech-wiz. Cufflinks by Ravi Ratan.

Items 1 to 64 of 67 total

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