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Star Wars

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  • Sterling Rebel Mother Of Pearl Cufflinks

    MSRP $250.00
    Are you a Rebel? Support the light side with these beautiful sterling silver and mother of pearl cufflinks. Each set features round Star Wars logo swivel closures and an officially licensed presentation box.
  • Star Wars Collar Stay 3 Pair Set

    MSRP $65.00
    Introducing our newest Star Wars accessory, the always essential Collar Stays featuring favorite Star Wars characters: Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and Yoda. No excuses, Jedi, your collar should always be on point. Stiffen up your collar with force-ful Star Wars Collar Stays. The Collar Stay Set includes 3 pairs of galactic inspired collar stays made silver-tone plated base metal with enamel.
  • Light Blue Stormtrooper Striped Blossom Lapel Flower

    MSRP $45.00
    Make your outfit blossom with an elegant new pale blue flower buttonhole. Look carefully and you'll find a series of Stormtroopers nestled among azure stripe accents, with a Star Wars logo on the button backing to complete the look. Offically licensed by Lucasfilm LTD.
  • Stormtrooper Head Tie Bar

    MSRP $36.00
    Revive your look with the Star Wars Stormtrooper Head Tie Bar featuring white and black enamel on shiny plated base metal. Much like the elite soldiers working under the leadership of the evil Sith Lord and emperor Palpatine and his commanders, you will be equipped to conquer any obstacle that comes your way. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm.
  • Yoda Dot Boys' Zipper Tie

    MSRP $35.00
  • 3D R2D2 Lapel Pin

    MSRP $45.00
    This Star Wars pin is crafted in 3D to bring a mini R2D2 to your everyday style, with a versatile silver finish that will complement anything in your wardrobe. Made of plated base metal with an antiqued silver-tone finish, this officially licensed pin of the iconic R2-series astromech droid is a great gift for any suited Star Wars fan.
  • Death Star Glow Lapel Pin

    MSRP $18.00
    The terrifying superlaser of the Death Star is detailed with special glow-in-the-dark enamel atop a silver-tone death star with a matte black enamel fill. A classic, simple look turned playful once the lights go out. A must-have for your Star Wars accessories collection.
  • Imperial Villains Boys' Zipper Tie

    MSRP $30.00
  • Darth Vader Dot Big Boys' Silk Tie

    MSRP $30.00
    Every boy knows about Darth Vader. This dotted tie is 100% silk, making it easy for any young boy to put on and wear.
  • Imperial Empire Lapel Pin

    MSRP $18.00
    Represent the Imperial Empire in style with a licensed lapel pin.
  • Recessed Matte Death Star Cufflinks

    MSRP $65.00
    When your friend tells you he just got a big promotion at work, you can say, "that's nice, I have recessed matte death star cufflinks." They're little toys and accessories as refined as cufflinks at once. What kind of mastermind could build such an incredible battle station?
  • Darth Vader Rubber Stamp Cufflinks

    MSRP $12.99
  • Stormtrooper Canto Bight Cufflinks and Tie Bar Gift Set

    MSRP $150.00
    Dress your special stormtrooper to the nines while letting him express his loyalty to the Galactic Empire with the luxurious black and gold Star Wars gift set. Taking inspiration from the Monte Carlo-esque casino city of Canto Bight, join the galaxy's most rich and powerful with these gold tone plated stainless steel cufflinks and matching black and gold plated tie bar. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm LTD.
  • Stainless Steel Black and Gold Stormtrooper Cufflinks

    MSRP $135.00
    Inspired by the casino city of Canto Bight in The Last Jedi, the Stainless Steel Black and Gold Stormtrooper Cufflinks offer a more luxurious feel. The gold tone plated stainless steel features a brushed finish with matte black enamel details for an elevated contrast. The round swivel closure backing is stamped with the Star Wars insignia, and completed with a radial brushed finish. Stormtroopers impose the will of the Galactic Empire, but now they will impose unique style and help you express your love of the dark side through your cuffs. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm LTD.
  • Light Blue Stormtrooper Striped Star Lapel Flower

    MSRP $45.00
    It just doesn't get more discrete than this: a Stormtrooper-embossed fabric flares out in pale blue from a central button-back fixture, accented with navy blue and azure stripes. This five-pointed flower buttonhole accessory will soon become your favorite for any formal occasion. Officially licensed by Lucasfilm LTD.
  • Imperial Domination Propaganda Poster Cufflinks

    MSRP $34.99
    Relive the Star Wars hype with these AT-AT Walker Imperial Domination poster cufflinks. They are black, orange and blue flats on bullet back closures.
  • R2D2 Striped Big Boys' Silk Tie

    MSRP $30.00
    Give your son this Star Wars tie featuring colorful R2D2s. It is 100% silk, making it easy for any boy to put on and wear.
  • Gold Plated Millennium Falcon Cufflinks

    MSRP $65.00
    The light freighter captained by Han Solo and his Wookie first mate Chewbacca is introduced in a shiny gold tone finish with matte black enamel details. The contrast of the gold and black as well as the shiny and matte finishes on these Star Wars cufflinks will thrust your style into hyperdrive.
  • Spinning BB-8 Lapel Pin

    MSRP $45.00
    "Move, ball!" said a snarky Han Solo, which is exactly what this lapel pin does - move! BB-8's lower half spins freely while staying fixed to your lapel. A high quality lapel pin with a playful undertone, the Spinning BB-8 Lapel Pin is made of silver-tone plated base metal with brilliant enamel details in this droid's iconic orange and white.
  • Death Star Blueprint Plans Cufflinks

    MSRP $51.99
  • Blue Stormtrooper Dot Boys' Zipper Tie

    MSRP $30.00
  • Darth Vader Grey and Red Plaid Men's Tie

    MSRP $55.00
  • 3D Matte Black Darth Vader Stud Set

    MSRP $235.00
    Show your allegiance to the Dark Side at your next  black tie affair with the 3D Matte Black Darth Vader Stud Set. Featuring a pair of matte black Darth Vader Cufflinks with matching tuxedo studs, you will be sure to impress the crowd with force-ful style. 
  • Wise Yoda Cufflinks

    MSRP $65.00
    The Wise Yoda Cufflinks feature an enamel detailed Yoda on a black plated base metal setting, posed in standing meditative thought. "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack." Wise words of wisdom from Jedi Master Yoda as he begins training young Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. If a Jedi is who you strive to be, wear Yoda on your cuff for some inspiration.
  • Sterling Silver 3D Luke Lightsaber Cufflinks

    MSRP $199.99
  • Black and Gold Darth Vader Tie Bar

    MSRP $36.00
    This Star Wars tie bar will keep your dapper Sith's tie in place using the force and style, featuring a black and gold contrasting finish for a luxurious feel. Inspired by the Monte Carlo-esque casino city of Canto Bight introduced in The Last Jedi, the officially licensed Darth Vader tie bar pairs well with the Stainless Steel Black and Gold Cufflinks. Made of black and gold tone plated base metal with a sliding closure and the Star Wars insignia branded on the back.
  • Stormtrooper Head Stud Set

    MSRP $112.00
  • 3D Green Yoda Head Cufflinks

    MSRP $135.00
  • 3D Melted Darth Vader Helmet Cufflinks

    MSRP $135.00
    Find inspirataion from Darth Vader, who holds the power of the Dark Side, with the intricately crafted 3D melted helmet featuring a matte black finish. In The Force Awakens, a conflicted Kylo Ren speaks to the ghost of his late grandfather, Darth Vader, in the form of his melted helmet. If you have a tendency for the dark side and an eye for fashion, sport the 3D Melted Darth Vader Helmet Cufflinks at your next event to show your allegiance.
  • 3D C3PO Cufflinks

    MSRP $135.00
    These new Star Wars cufflinks replicate the face of C3PO in 3D form with a shiny gold-tone plating to mimic his real self. Rebuilt in Tatooine by the young boy known as Anakin Skywalker, the protocol droid C-3PO has been a beloved part of the Star Wars franchise from the very beginning of the Skywalker story. You would be quite clever, you know....for a human being...if you wore C-3PO to your next meeting.
  • Gold Plated X-Wing Cufflinks

    MSRP $65.00
    The X-wing starfighter piloted by the likes of Luke Skywalker and Poe Dameron is introduced in a shiny gold tone finish with matte black enamel details. The contrast between the gold and black as well as the polished and matte finishes on these Star Wars cufflinks will thrust your style into hyperdrive.
  • Glow Stormtrooper Cufflinks

    MSRP $65.00
    Don't be ashamed to show your inner geek even when the lights are out with glow-in-the-dark Star Wars cufflinks! Stormtroopers wear a different kind of suit, but where these Stormtrooper cufflinks with your business suit to add a little fun to your work wardrobe.
  • Scout Trooper Cufflinks

    MSRP $65.00
    Show your affiliation to the Imperial forces with Star Wars cufflinks, made of black plated metal with white enamel showing the iconic helmet of these troopers. The Imperial Scout Troopers patrolled the forests of Endor on speeder bikes, guarding the shield generator protecting the second Death Star during it's construction.
  • Porg Cufflinks

    MSRP $65.00
    The new Porg Cufflinks are plated with a silver-tone finish and detailed with enamel, perfectly capturing the lovable new creature for your cuff. Porgs are the newest alien species that will be introduced in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. The cute little bird-like creatures are sure to be a new fan favorite with their deep, soulful eyes.

Items 193 to 256 of 271 total